Rainy days in Melbourne

We have had a cold winter this year. Our days have been visited with rain to fill our dams and deep water our plants. Our dams have 70% water. The highest in approx. 15years. We cannot complain, besides one is never to old to jump over or in puddles and winter has its own beauty of deciduous trees showing off their elegant bare branches. There is nothing nicer than coming home to the greeting of a warm home.

I possess four umbrellas, spotted, two toned, bright green and black, I love them. I also have a pink one for summer. I love seeing the umbrellas coming and going on a rainy day. So many umbrellas are discarded, been blown inside out, spokes broken. To me they are an art form appearing in our streets.

Not all umbrellas are used to keep off the rain or make artistic statements lying in the streets. The umbrellas below were decorating one of our City shopping centres ‘Australia on Collins’ . Of course I couldn’t leave them in their normal state, I added a touch of fun to them, enjoy…


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