Drive Safely campaign in the City of Melbourne

IMG_5302 (Small)


A beautiful day in Melbourne today. I wandered in my beloved City to meet my Niece for lunch.

I came across a necessary but sobering display. I am posting to say to, not just Australia but everywhere in the world, be safe at all times but especially during holiday time.

IMG_5303 (Small)


All white

All quiet

All encompassing

The sadness of loss.

IMG_5304 (Small)


Gifts unwrapped

Gifts of tears

Gifts of memories

Of what could have been.

IMG_5305 (Small)


Messages left amid candles of memories

Messages left but never forgotten.

IMG_5306 (Small)


It is Christmas again

The message is clear

Drive safely all the year

But especially now

Keep your loved ones here.

I apologise for a such a sad post but I appreciated the reminder in such a stark and sobering way. By posting it, it may just save one life.



3 Responses to “Drive Safely campaign in the City of Melbourne”

  1. wensher2sammi Says:

    The display and the message is very good and strong. Hope it can raise awareness as what it suppose to be!

    • Thank you for your comment. It was a very sobering sight I must say. Whilst I was there I did not see one person able to just walk past without stopping and looking then linger a little. Even if only one life is saved, it is a precious life.

      • wensher2sammi Says:

        You’re welcome. Yes, death is a scary subject. It hurts to lose someone dear. I think this is going to kick a sense onto everyone who sees that. Take care šŸ™‚

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