Bits and Pieces I found

I was trawling through my photos looking for a particular one. Couldn’t find, still haven’t found it but found these bits and pieces taken in USA  with my little digital camera.

IMG_1737 (Large) IMG_1785 (Large) IMG_1788 (Large) IMG_1882


IMG_1800 (Large)



Has anyone seen my Grandson?

Has anyone seen my Grandson?


4 Responses to “Bits and Pieces I found”

  1. Great photos! I love the fireworks, they look like flowers! 🙂

  2. Thank you Sonja, yes, they do look like flowers. Given I only have a little digital I was amazed they turned as good as they did.

  3. Love the fireworks pictures. They look like DisneyWorld and I loved loved loved DisneyWorld!

    • Hi Shaniqua, thanks for checking out my blog. It is DisneyWorld and I am the same, love, love, love it. I love its fantasy, the rides, the feeling of fun happiness and love. I say love because I shared it with my 8year old grandson. We played to our hearts content.

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