Busy little things

Our spring weather has been crazy here in Melbourne. One day is like the middle of winter the very next almost summer. Today was probably termed as a magic spring day. I was sitting outside soaking up some of the warm sun when I spied this little ant. Of all the things on the ground he chose something that was almost as big, if not bigger than him. I don’t think he was the brightest ant in the nest as he tried for so long to pull his treasure up what he might term as a mountain which was in fact a tiny clump of tiny stones that has not been smoothed out when the concrete was laid. He struggled with all his little might. I so wanted to get down and talk ant and tell him that the rest of my yard was smooth. I realised after watching his effort I needed to take a photo so I dashed inside for my camera. When I came out, miracle, he must have had an epiphany because he was down from his mountain and on his way. I took a photo, congratulated him on his humongous effort and wished I could be that industrious.

The photo is not the best as he was a tiny fellow and I only have a small digital camera, so I apologise but I do think he needs media attention.



Once I satisfied myself that little ant was well on his way to his nest, I looked around to see who else was busy in my garden. A couple of bees that wouldn’t stay still and a butterfly that just couldn’t make up her mind where to land so I gave up and so did she and flew away. I must not have anything to her liking.

On the windowsill, that I keep promising myself to clean, was spider. Spider didn’t seem to be doing much, I thought maybe sunning in the sun like me. After looking at spider close up there was no way I could get the broom or hose and clean him off. How would I like it if something came along and either brushed or hosed me and my house into oblivion?  Not Nice at all. I let spider catch the sun and I continued to do the same.




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