This is why my garden is a mess

O.K. I said to myself, get out into the mess in the garden and fix it. I love my garden but sometimes life takes over and it gets neglected. On Saturday I put on my garden gloves, after I check if any creepy crawlies have made a home in one of the fingers…(shudder). I retrieved the rake from its hiding place (it always manages to hide from me in the garage-I am sure I put it in the same place each time. Weeding tool,  bucket (love my bright red bucket) and loads of inspiration and pizzazz.

garden 1 (Medium)


Huge leaves from the magnolia have spread themselves everywhere, so rake rake rake into a pile they go. Then the aroma of fresh soil and the makings of compost rose up, ah…delicious nature. The leaves, large, curled, each with a personality. Just a quick shot with the camera wishing one could capture the aroma but at least it is a memory of it.

Wish there was smella photo (Medium)

There, that didn’t take a second, back to work as soon as I take the camera inside. Wait, haven’t said hello to you all winter, ‘How are You’ enjoying the spring flowers? Just take a photo of you if you don’t mind, just quickly as I am busy gardening.

garden 3 (Medium)

He doesn’t mind being rusty, he said it adds to his importance over the garden inhabitants.  O.k. that’s done, back to gardening until behind me I hear a sound, I turn and find I have a very unusual visitor, had to take a photo. This curious bird is called a Greenus Tinus. He loves to come out from under the overgrown bushes and see the spring flowers as well.

garden 4 (Medium)

First he checked out the Pelargonium, then decided to say hello to bird of paradise. Maybe he thinks it is a relative.

garden 6 (Medium)

From this vantage point I unfortunately saw something that I had better attend to, I really have been neglectful in so many areas…oh dear.

garden 8 (Medium)


But then I like all creature big and small, can I really wreck a house?

Now, I have spent quite some time with the camera and not the garden but looking around I did see that things were looking beautiful…

garden 2


Isn’t she beautiful? Another surprise was my Mother and Child, they have finally grown some moss…

garden 10 (Medium)


I have finally got to the door, camera must go in, go in, go in. Just one more as I pass my $2 shop purchase last week. It was such a windy day and I was browsing the $2 shop for CD covers when I saw this windmill, garish or cute? Don’t know but it is a happy sight when she is spinning her heart out.

garden 7 (Medium)


Right, I am at the door and I-am-going-to-put-the-camera-a-w-a-y! Door open, yes, Oh, how cute are you little fellow….just one more shot…

garden 01


Finally, I am inside, camera safely back in its pouch, back to my garden…well…maybe just a cup of tea first………..



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