The marvel of growth

This tall skinny succulent has been in my possession now for nearly two years. How she survives I will never know. Yes, she lives by the light of the window on my kitchen table, yes, I water her…when I think of it. She is a survivor but this story is not about her, it is about the tiny shoot that has come up in her patch.

She struggles on, now she has a friend.

She struggles on, now she has a friend.

I read somewhere about planting lemon seeds and they will shoot. Now I am a curious person but also a lazy person. I used a lemon, looked at the seed, couldn’t be bothered making a special little pot, soil etc. etc. so simply put a couple of seeds in ‘her’ patch (which is very very small). I didn’t even bother covering him up. Well, they sat and sat and sat,One grew some fur, wasn’t looking well at all then one day (when I wasn’t looking) up comes this darling little growth, what a marvel. Neglect, indifference and still he came up. The only reason he did I think is that he was curious to see where he was.

Could I have a lemon tree in a tiny pot? Oh for imagination.

curiosity is powerful

curiosity is powerful



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