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Folds of Beauty

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folds of beauty



Busy little things

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Our spring weather has been crazy here in Melbourne. One day is like the middle of winter the very next almost summer. Today was probably termed as a magic spring day. I was sitting outside soaking up some of the warm sun when I spied this little ant. Of all the things on the ground he chose something that was almost as big, if not bigger than him. I don’t think he was the brightest ant in the nest as he tried for so long to pull his treasure up what he might term as a mountain which was in fact a tiny clump of tiny stones that has not been smoothed out when the concrete was laid. He struggled with all his little might. I so wanted to get down and talk ant and tell him that the rest of my yard was smooth. I realised after watching his effort I needed to take a photo so I dashed inside for my camera. When I came out, miracle, he must have had an epiphany because he was down from his mountain and on his way. I took a photo, congratulated him on his humongous effort and wished I could be that industrious.

The photo is not the best as he was a tiny fellow and I only have a small digital camera, so I apologise but I do think he needs media attention.



Once I satisfied myself that little ant was well on his way to his nest, I looked around to see who else was busy in my garden. A couple of bees that wouldn’t stay still and a butterfly that just couldn’t make up her mind where to land so I gave up and so did she and flew away. I must not have anything to her liking.

On the windowsill, that I keep promising myself to clean, was spider. Spider didn’t seem to be doing much, I thought maybe sunning in the sun like me. After looking at spider close up there was no way I could get the broom or hose and clean him off. How would I like it if something came along and either brushed or hosed me and my house into oblivion?  Not Nice at all. I let spider catch the sun and I continued to do the same.



Sydney and Melbourne

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My daughter lives in Sydney and I live in Melbourne.  She rang me today as she walked to work saying it was 36c and the bush fires were terrible in the Blue Mountains only about 72 km away.



In the meantime here in Melbourne which is about 8 hours drive or 1 hour flight it was 12c and hail stones.

IMG_5146 (Large) IMG_5147 (Large) IMG_5149 (Large) IMG_5150 (Large)


I fly to Sydney often to visit my daughter and grandchildren so it always amazes me the difference in our weather.

Lemons for everyone very soon

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My Lemon Tree


See, My little lemon pip is growing and growing. A couple of weeks and I will have enough lemons to feed the world.


This is why my garden is a mess

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O.K. I said to myself, get out into the mess in the garden and fix it. I love my garden but sometimes life takes over and it gets neglected. On Saturday I put on my garden gloves, after I check if any creepy crawlies have made a home in one of the fingers…(shudder). I retrieved the rake from its hiding place (it always manages to hide from me in the garage-I am sure I put it in the same place each time. Weeding tool,  bucket (love my bright red bucket) and loads of inspiration and pizzazz.

garden 1 (Medium)


Huge leaves from the magnolia have spread themselves everywhere, so rake rake rake into a pile they go. Then the aroma of fresh soil and the makings of compost rose up, ah…delicious nature. The leaves, large, curled, each with a personality. Just a quick shot with the camera wishing one could capture the aroma but at least it is a memory of it.

Wish there was smella photo (Medium)

There, that didn’t take a second, back to work as soon as I take the camera inside. Wait, haven’t said hello to you all winter, ‘How are You’ enjoying the spring flowers? Just take a photo of you if you don’t mind, just quickly as I am busy gardening.

garden 3 (Medium)

He doesn’t mind being rusty, he said it adds to his importance over the garden inhabitants.  O.k. that’s done, back to gardening until behind me I hear a sound, I turn and find I have a very unusual visitor, had to take a photo. This curious bird is called a Greenus Tinus. He loves to come out from under the overgrown bushes and see the spring flowers as well.

garden 4 (Medium)

First he checked out the Pelargonium, then decided to say hello to bird of paradise. Maybe he thinks it is a relative.

garden 6 (Medium)

From this vantage point I unfortunately saw something that I had better attend to, I really have been neglectful in so many areas…oh dear.

garden 8 (Medium)


But then I like all creature big and small, can I really wreck a house?

Now, I have spent quite some time with the camera and not the garden but looking around I did see that things were looking beautiful…

garden 2


Isn’t she beautiful? Another surprise was my Mother and Child, they have finally grown some moss…

garden 10 (Medium)


I have finally got to the door, camera must go in, go in, go in. Just one more as I pass my $2 shop purchase last week. It was such a windy day and I was browsing the $2 shop for CD covers when I saw this windmill, garish or cute? Don’t know but it is a happy sight when she is spinning her heart out.

garden 7 (Medium)


Right, I am at the door and I-am-going-to-put-the-camera-a-w-a-y! Door open, yes, Oh, how cute are you little fellow….just one more shot…

garden 01


Finally, I am inside, camera safely back in its pouch, back to my garden…well…maybe just a cup of tea first………..


The marvel of growth

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This tall skinny succulent has been in my possession now for nearly two years. How she survives I will never know. Yes, she lives by the light of the window on my kitchen table, yes, I water her…when I think of it. She is a survivor but this story is not about her, it is about the tiny shoot that has come up in her patch.

She struggles on, now she has a friend.

She struggles on, now she has a friend.

I read somewhere about planting lemon seeds and they will shoot. Now I am a curious person but also a lazy person. I used a lemon, looked at the seed, couldn’t be bothered making a special little pot, soil etc. etc. so simply put a couple of seeds in ‘her’ patch (which is very very small). I didn’t even bother covering him up. Well, they sat and sat and sat,One grew some fur, wasn’t looking well at all then one day (when I wasn’t looking) up comes this darling little growth, what a marvel. Neglect, indifference and still he came up. The only reason he did I think is that he was curious to see where he was.

Could I have a lemon tree in a tiny pot? Oh for imagination.

curiosity is powerful

curiosity is powerful