I was loved once upon a time

I was loved once upon a time


This was my dining room

This was my dining room

I was built years ago by loving hands.

By a family that came from another land.

They built with their sweat by the light of the moon

They dreamed of the future and a special room.


Their dreams came through just as they planned

They welcomed new friends in a room so grand

With china and crystal and chairs of gold.

The house rang with laughter, the story was told.


Now that you know of this house and its story

Close your eyes and vision its glory.

Never judge a house by outside

It may look derelict but it still has its pride.



I love derelict buildings and take many photos. I was sorting through them and came across this interior in its wrong file. I was about to put it in its appropriate place when I thought that maybe this dear neglected house once has its pride and maybe a setting like this to do it proud?




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  2. Thank you for your comment. One never knows what stories come from our photos.

  3. The same is true of people. I have a friend who is 102, and she tells the most amazing stories of when she was a girl. Now when I see an “old” person, I think, “They, too, spent a whole decade as a teen, in their 20s, then 30s, etc.”

  4. Lovely story John and so true. I do voluntary work at an aged care facility. Wasted bodies and lined faces disappear when they tell stories of their young life, dull eyes literally shine.

  5. Wonderful! You brought this house to life in such a lovely way. I really love what you do with photos and words! 🙂

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