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Nature in many forms

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Went to a lovely gallery ‘The Light Factory Gallery’ 21 Brougham Street, Eltham, Melbourne, Victoria . They have a lovely garden area with scuptures settling into their new surroundings. They have a tearoom with an open fire, a great place to get an ‘artistic fix’ and afternoon tea especially with friends.

These photos of toadstools, sculptures, tree forms etc. all seem to happily sit with each other, eyeing each other up and down. Not sure how the toadstools felt about their metal selves (steel railway pegs) but they seem to sit nicely in the scene. I am not sure what is happening though. When I uploaded these photos I had to edit them and they just don’t look as sharp as they are in my file???  maybe the weather??? Or should I say the old saying “A good workman never blames his tools”.


Cape Canaveral

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Well, I was going to go all technical, worldly, and specific about my visit to Cape Canaveral. I was excited to visit but wasn’t prepared for my wonder and emotion. I am lucky enough and old enough to have experienced the ‘landing on the moon‘. I worked in an office at the time and the whole office, well, the whole world stopped, holding our breath with each second of the landing.

The whole tour around NASA was filled with my ooooo’s and aaaaahh’s at the technology, inventions and just the massive size of things, however, when I started resizing the photos to load here I saw a totally different perspective.  Colour, art form, textures, the intricate threading of wires and screws, nuts and bolts.

I hope you enjoy my eclectic journey of NASA.