Around my city…

Fountain in the gardens

On a church wall

Inside a church

One side of the Chuch door

Other side of the Church door

Exciting...Ottoman musicians coming to my city to entertain

The Shrine of Remembrance

The eternal flame at the Shrine

Greater Love Hath No Man - The stone inside the Shrine. At 11am on the 11th Day of the 11th month the light comes in from an opening in the roof and and shines straight down onto this remembrance stone.


2 Responses to “Around my city…”

  1. WOW! These are so beautiful, as if I was with you too… I loved them all dear Rosemary, especially the church glass door and the scuptures in the garden fascinated me. Thank you for this beautiful photographs, I would like to see more about your city, it is so exciting and so enjoyable. Have a nice day and weekend, with my love, nia

  2. Rosemary, I clicked on your gravatar on one of your comments on my blog (to see what you’ve been up to), and I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about this photoblog of yours. These photos are beautidul–very professional. I’d love to see more.


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