My morning walk

Over at my other blog I was talking about my morning walk before the heat of the day. On the way home I found three orphans on the footpath. I walked past them but I am sure I heard them calling, so, back I went and here they are:

Three little orphans

Turned over orphans

Don't come any closer

I am a bit mottled

I am pretty in here

About time you got to me. Isn't my colour divine!

I love this pose...I feel like a whole tree

Am I really just a leaf?

What bruises?...Where? Bring me a mirror

Are you sure....

I knew it - I knew it - I am not just a leaf..yaahooo

Fun and games with little orphans. This is just the first day of the New Year and nothing has changed – I am still as weird as ever…thank heavens.

Thank you for visiting and may your day be jolly



2 Responses to “My morning walk”

  1. This is amazing… I am same as you, 🙂 sometimes I can hear them too and I carry them with me to the home… You did such a wonderful photograph, they are all together standing so artistic… I was sure about your photography, because you have a wonderful eye of camera, you know what to take pictures… Of course your creative mind drives you too. Thank you dear Rosemary, Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

  2. Thank you Nia, I am learning from you and enjoying it all. love xx

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