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Around my city…

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Fountain in the gardens

On a church wall

Inside a church

One side of the Chuch door

Other side of the Church door

Exciting...Ottoman musicians coming to my city to entertain

The Shrine of Remembrance

The eternal flame at the Shrine

Greater Love Hath No Man - The stone inside the Shrine. At 11am on the 11th Day of the 11th month the light comes in from an opening in the roof and and shines straight down onto this remembrance stone.


Ankor Wat

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Ankor Wat, Cambodia. Another place in the world (beside Turkey) where a piece of my heart still lives:

I have enjoyed playing in Corel Photo paint as well:




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I spent 7 weeks backpacking in Turkey this time last year. Turkey and its people will live in my heart forever.

Over at my other blog    I have been talking about a beautiful book on Turkey. Here are a few of my many memories of Turkey.

More of this and some of that

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Again Shapes, patterns and curiosity is captured by my trusty little camera.

I said in an earlier post I am not sure why shapes and patterns capture my eye, the very next day as I was engrossed in a delicious story ‘Watercolours’ by Adrienne Ferreira which is a story about a small boy who is an artist. He lives in a very small country town and for the first time visits Sydney and he is overwhelmed by the sights of the city.  He went to a museum where there was the skeleton of a whale, he sat and began drawing furiously. His friend comes and  sits next to him and asks to see what he has drawn. His friend immediately said “It looks like your father’s boat“.

The small boy took another look at his sketchpad; his friend is right, the boat and the whale are the same. In a flash he thinks of the patterns he saw from the airplane window. His statement was:

“I wonder whether everything starts out like this, no matter how big or small…just simple patterns…”

and that sums it up for me. I realised I like shapes and patterns because they  represent life itself.

These photos are just an eclectic piece of life.

My morning walk

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Over at my other blog I was talking about my morning walk before the heat of the day. On the way home I found three orphans on the footpath. I walked past them but I am sure I heard them calling, so, back I went and here they are:

Three little orphans

Turned over orphans

Don't come any closer

I am a bit mottled

I am pretty in here

About time you got to me. Isn't my colour divine!

I love this pose...I feel like a whole tree

Am I really just a leaf?

What bruises?...Where? Bring me a mirror

Are you sure....

I knew it - I knew it - I am not just a leaf..yaahooo

Fun and games with little orphans. This is just the first day of the New Year and nothing has changed – I am still as weird as ever…thank heavens.

Thank you for visiting and may your day be jolly