More bits and pieces

Very, very early one morning just before Christmas I sat at my table with coffee, toast and my book when I heard a familiar sound from Turkey. The swooosh of gas belonging to a hot air balloon. I grabbed my camera and rushed outside and sure enough, right over my house came, not one, but two balloons. I happy snapped them and waved and to my surprise they landed in the park just across the road from me. I thought it would be too wooded but they must have landed in football oval….why Turkey?   Cappadocia –

My first balloon ride and what a place to experience my first one. Goreme  – Shoestring Hostel, ballooning at dawn – a dream come true.

I must say the balloons here were not as pretty as Cappadocia but it was exciting to see them where I could almost touch them…well…not quite.


I am not sure if these are in order but it is getting late and I am going crosseyed.

I think I might fly away in my hot air balloon and dream….

Goodnight all. Happy snapping.



One Response to “More bits and pieces”

  1. You are amazing… Do you know I haven’t visited yet Cappadocia… It is one of places where I want to visit… Should be amazing to fly with a balloon over this area… Especially above the fairy chimneys… Your photographs so nice and make me to dream too… Thank you dear Rosemary, who knows maybe one day you visit here again and we can go together there… 🙂 Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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