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There are times when I love to go for a leisurely walk with my camera (opposed to ‘exercise’ walk when I have to leave the camera behind,otherwise there is more looking and less exercising).
Texture and patterns are things that catch my eye. There is no mind bending reason, no logical explanation; I just have to take their photo. I do find I use them in my art in different ways. Sometimes I print them out and use them as a background for drawing or painting on.  but ultimately they are a ‘stand alone’ attraction to me. here are some of the ones I have spied.
I am not sure how these will print out, but if anyone would like them for art/craft, please use them. I have printed a couple out on calico which makes  interesting pieces although I haven’t found a use for them as yet…but I will.



I am not a photographer but I love taking photos…

“You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” –

Henri Cartier-Bresson


More bits and pieces

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Very, very early one morning just before Christmas I sat at my table with coffee, toast and my book when I heard a familiar sound from Turkey. The swooosh of gas belonging to a hot air balloon. I grabbed my camera and rushed outside and sure enough, right over my house came, not one, but two balloons. I happy snapped them and waved and to my surprise they landed in the park just across the road from me. I thought it would be too wooded but they must have landed in football oval….why Turkey?   Cappadocia –

My first balloon ride and what a place to experience my first one. Goreme  – Shoestring Hostel, ballooning at dawn – a dream come true.

I must say the balloons here were not as pretty as Cappadocia but it was exciting to see them where I could almost touch them…well…not quite.


I am not sure if these are in order but it is getting late and I am going crosseyed.

I think I might fly away in my hot air balloon and dream….

Goodnight all. Happy snapping.


Random Snaps

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Although I have been busy I still manage to take snaps of this and that.

A day at the Victorian Market, Melbourne



Looking straight ahead

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One of my old art teachers drummed into us, “When out wandering, looking for inspiration, don’t just look straight ahead; look up, look down, look around. I try to practice those wise words.

Today is the ‘straight ahead’. As you view these scenes, think of silence, serenity, peace and the beauty of nature. Birds were chattering but they do not interrupt the silence, they belong to it.


Reflections from Peak Hill

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I love the reflections in water. There was a very small pond of crystal clear water near the open cut mine. I sat in the quiet and pretend I could dive in and swim to the sky or perch like a bird.

May I learn to capture emotion.


Peak Hill Skies

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More on Peak Hill. It never ceases to amaze me how large the sky seems when I am in the country, it is magnificent. We had some beautiful sunsets there and managed to snap a few, as well as storms and the most amazing golden glow.

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Just arrived back from Peak Hill, New South Wales. A sleepy town with a large history. The history concerns the gold mine.

The historic mine operated between 1893 and 1917 producing about 60,000 ounces from 500,000 tonnes of rock. Alkane excavated for gold on the site between 1996 and 2002 retrieving 145,000 ounces from 4.9 million tonnes.

It is a self guided tour set in natural surroundings and is lovely to walk around.

My Brother and Sister-in-law ran the deli there for many years. My brother passed away four years ago but I still go back to visit my Sister-in-law. I am so lucky as we are like real sisters.

It is a twelve hour trip from door to door. I leave home at 6am and make my way to my local train station to our main city station ‘Southern Cross’. From there I have coffee (naturally) and wait for the XPT train that runs from Melbourne to Sydney. Recliner seat, buffet with hot meals and snacks. I settle back with books, laptop, pillow for a nap. We call it a Nana nap, its that saying worldwide?

I finally get to the border which is Cootamundra which is famous for its magnificent wattle. John Williamson wrote a song about it, I love it  You can hear it here.

and these are the words

It is very Australian…so…I arrive at Cootamundra at approx 3.30pm although this time one of the staff on board the train took ill so we had to wait at a small town for an ambulance to come from a larger town, so we were running an hour late. Luckily the coach I need to take is connected to the railways so they are obliged to wait.

On board the coach for three hours to Peak Hill. I agree with the coach service having the rule of no food or drink (other than water) to be consumed on board, but three hours and I need a nibble so I sneak a mint here and there. We pass so many cherry farms (in season now) and they are so cheap compared to the city; I gaze at them through the window and wish we could stop.

At about 6.30pm I arrive at my Sister-in-law’s house to a lovely welcome with friends dropping in all the time for a chat, and those of us that do arts and crafts huddle for ages swapping and sharing stories.