Closing down

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I have three blogs running and as much as I love them all I find it all a bit much so I am closing this one and my new one and making my original one my one and only.

That will make randomrose a mixture of art/craft, writings, photography and random ramblings. I hope you come over and visit and enjoy.

Thank you so much for those of you who have ‘liked’ and commented here.

We take on a lot – because we can

But ultimately find – it won’t fit the plan

Of the way one’s life – ebbs and flows…so

My one and only will be – ‘randomrose’



Going away

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I am off interstate for a couple of weeks to visit my Daughter, Son-in-law and Grandchildren before they head overseas ūüė¶

Happy creating everyone, I will catch up when I get mark bird

Drive Safely campaign in the City of Melbourne

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IMG_5302 (Small)


A beautiful day in Melbourne today. I wandered in my beloved City to meet my Niece for lunch.

I came across a necessary but sobering display. I am posting to say to, not just Australia but everywhere in the world, be safe at all times but especially during holiday time.

IMG_5303 (Small)


All white

All quiet

All encompassing

The sadness of loss.

IMG_5304 (Small)


Gifts unwrapped

Gifts of tears

Gifts of memories

Of what could have been.

IMG_5305 (Small)


Messages left amid candles of memories

Messages left but never forgotten.

IMG_5306 (Small)


It is Christmas again

The message is clear

Drive safely all the year

But especially now

Keep your loved ones here.

I apologise for a such a sad post but I appreciated the reminder in such a stark and sobering way. By posting it, it may just save one life.


Not everyone has an easy life

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IMG_2608 (Small) IMG_2609 (Small) IMG_2610 (Small)


Sometimes we feel the weight of the world upon our shoulders

Little mole hills turn into huge boulders

We worry and stress about how we look, do we look old

Have I adorned myself with enough  trinkets and gold

We worry about what other people may think if we don’t conform

We put on a mask and begin to perform

We worry and stress about incidental strife

But there are some in this world…who really

do not have an easy life!



My friend’s garden

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My two dearest friends spent years building their own home ready for retirement and have worked steadily in the garden ever since and this is the fruits of their labour in one small area of their heaven.



She sits quietly, we think… but that is not true.

She sits and chants softly to the various hue

Rise little one, rise and shine

Your colour is needed on the deep green vine.

Rise little one, rise and shine

Your pretty white carpet helps to define

The deeper hues of purple and blue.

Rise little ones, rise and shine

This is heaven, yours and mine.




She visits at night

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mask lillies - Nov 13


She visits at night

before the moon does rise.

She visits the lilies

she is secret – she hides

her identity to one and  all

Only lily knows her secret call.

She comes to tell of a long ago past

When she herself flowered

And cast

Her perfume far and wide

On the wings of an angel.

When she was a bride…

She comes to tell of a long ago past…

© randomrose








I dreamed a dream

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I dreamed a dream

I dreamed a dream of the weeping willow.

I dreamed a dream of still waters.

I dreamed a dream of peace.

I dreamed a dream…


I am beautiful

I am  Azalea